Knowledge and Behavior Regarding Paracetamol Usage among Residents of Nawamin Sub-district, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok

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Jidapa Suksusin
Nichaporn Saelee
Wannakon Chuemongkon


Background and Objectives: Paracetamol on the over-the-counter (OTC) drug that people could purchase without a prescription and generally used for pain relief by themselves. Therefore, this study aimed to assess knowledge and behavior regarding paracetamol usage among residents of Nawamin sub-district, Bueng Kum district, Bangkok.

Methods: This cross-sectional descriptive study was performed in 396 respondents of Nawamin sub-district, Bueng Kum district, Bangkok. The data was collected by self-administered questionnaire.

Results: Most participants had moderate level of knowledge (mean of 6.37±2.04 from 12 points). ‘Paracetamol overdose can lead to renal toxicity’ was the question which most participants were incorrect. In term of behavior of paracetamol usage (mean of 5.73±1.11 from 7 points), most of participants had inappropriate practice of ‘the number of paracetamol tablets administered at each dose’. Factors significantly affecting knowledge of paracetamol use included education level, occupation, household income and hepatic disease (p=<0.001, 0.022, 0.005 and 0.031, respectively). Whereas, factor significantly influencing behavior of paracetamol use was education level (p=0.012). In addition, no statistical association between knowledge and behavior of paracetamol use.

Conclusion: Residents of Nawamin sub-district, Bueng Kum district, Bangkok had moderate level of knowledge. Some of them had inappropriate practice of behavior regarding paracetamol usage. Pharmacist should play a role in correcting inaccurate knowledge and understanding and try various strategies to change behaviors so that people can use paracetamol correctly and reasonably.


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Suksusin J, Saelee N, Chuemongkon W. Knowledge and Behavior Regarding Paracetamol Usage among Residents of Nawamin Sub-district, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2021 Aug. 20 [cited 2023 Jan. 27];36(4):451-9. Available from:
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