Knowledge, Experiences and Barriers in Advance Care Plan for Terminal Cancer Patients of Family Medicine Residents

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Passorn Rotpenpian
Petcharat Bunnug
Sawanee Tengrunsun


Background and Objectives : Nowadays number of the terminal cancer patients are increasing. Palliative care is going to be a major role, especially advance care plan. The family medicine resident is an important part of the members in the palliative care team. The aims of this study were to explore the knowledge, experiences and barriers   in advance care plan for  terminal cancer  patients  of  family medicine residents.

Methods: This was a mixed method study. Using the questionnaire was conducted among the doctors who were in residency training in family medicine in the year 2019 and this data were analyzed by statistical method.  Semi-structured interview with purposive sampling was conducted and the data were analyzed using content analysis.

Results: 78 respondents answered the questionnaire. The 94.87 percentage of these were in a good level of the knowledge and the 83.3 percentage of these had the barrier among this process. The most barrier was the imprecise prognosis of the disease, the patient’s family and the primary doctors, respectively. A sample of 7 family medicine residents complying with the inclusion criteria were recruited and interviewed. They were more acknowledged about advance care plan in the terminal care patients and learnt about obstacles within themselves.

Conclusion: There was a good level of knowledge in advance care plan for  terminal cancer  patients  of  family medicine residents. Each of them was the different experience, both enhancers and barriers, in advance care plan for  terminal cancer  patients.   A new model of advance care planning in the terminal cancer patients by health care providers is established from this research


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Rotpenpian P, Bunnug P, Tengrunsun S. Knowledge, Experiences and Barriers in Advance Care Plan for Terminal Cancer Patients of Family Medicine Residents. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2021 Aug. 20 [cited 2023 Jan. 27];36(4):460-8. Available from:
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