The Validity of Clean Self-Intermittent Catheterization Instruction Manual for Neurogenic Bladder Patient


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self-intermittent catheterization, self-intermittent catheterization instruction manual, neurogenic bladder


Background and objective: Methods of practice for teaching self-cleaning urinary catheterization do not all follow in the same direction. The methods of practice depend on the experience of each person. This study examined the accuracy of the manual for teaching clean urinary catheterization in patients with impaired bladder. To serve as a model for training hospital patients to adhere to the same standard.

Methods: Examine the quality of a manual accuracy, the language and audiovisual material appropriateness. By analyzing the Index of item objective congruence (IOC), the data at IOC ≥0.8 means that the data is consistent with the objective. Manuals are modified and studied till IOC ≥ 0.8. The rehabilitation nurse satisfaction survey is used to evaluate the handbook after it has been used.

Results:  The validity that evaluated by three professionals, the IOC of the correctness of manual, in the section of recommendation for patient, evaluation method, and demonstration of clean urinary catheterization for male were equal to 0.33, 0.33 and 0.66, respectively. For determining the precision of the video, the IOC in the topic of knowledge of neurogenic bladder, procedure, and demonstration of clean urinary catheterization for female were equal to 0.66. After correcting, the IOC for each part was ≥0.8. According to independent surveys was evaluated by 30 rehabilitation nurses, compared the knowledge before studied the manual, the average score was 15.43 and after studied the manual, the average score was 17.17. Therefore, the rehabilitation nurses had statistically significant (p≤0.25) increase in knowledge equal to 0.016 difference in 1.733

Conclusion: Clean Self-Intermittent catheterization instruction manual for Neurogenic bladder patient, the appropriate handbook, the proper language, and audiovisual material were available to the patients. Both the satisfaction survey and the knowledge of rehabilitation nurses increased.


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