Effectiveness of Seamless Service System Development in the Care of Rehabilitation for Intermediate Care in Roi Et Province Network


  • Wiraporn Narongrat Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Roi Et Hospital
  • Maliwan Ankhanit Department of Research and Nursing Development


seamless service system, intermediate care, rehabilitation care


Background and Objectives: Rehabilitation could improves quality of life for intermediate care patients. This research was to study the situation, improve the service model and the effectiveness of the development of a seamless service system.

Methods: This was an Action research consisting of 3 phases: 1) the situation study phase, 2) the model development phase, and 3) the model outcome evaluation phase. Two sample groups were studied at Roi Et hospital and 20 community hospitals: 1) multidisciplinary teams and 2) 789 intermediate care patients. Data were collected from October 2020 to December 2021 using the mixed methods; evidence-based documentation, group discussions, recordings, behavioral observations and questionnaires. Qualitative data were analyzed by content analysis and quantitative data by distribution, frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and independent t-test statistics.

Results: It was found that 1) the situation of intermediate care was unclear. The staff lacked patient information. Patients and their families do not see the importance of rehabilitation and have financial problems. 2) The seamless service system consists of the following elements: problem determination, organize a service system to have practical guidelines, referral system with NEMOCARE program and, monitoring outcome. And 3) the effectiveness of the development was found that 1) the staff were satisfied at a high level (Mean=4.70, SD=.78). 2) There is an increase in the number of intermediate care patients. (gif.latex?\bar{X}=12.98, S.D.=7.88, p<0.001) 3) 88.46% of patients were satisfied with the quality of service at a high level (gif.latex?\bar{X}=25.78, S.D.=1.50, p<0.001) and enhance the quality of clinical outcomes.

Conclusion: The effectiveness of the development to create clear system, to increase service quality, to increase quality of life and to be satisfied with the service system.


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