The Study of the Efficiency of Chewing Gum on Stimulation of Bowel Function after Cesarean Delivery at Buddhasothorn Hospital


  • Yuttana Chanwaro Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Buddhasothorn Hospital, Chachoengsao


cesarean delivery, chewing gum, bowel function


Background and objective:  Pregnant women after cesarean delivery would have temporary ileus. This study aimed to assess the efficacy of gum chewing on stimulating bowel function in women after cesarean delivery.

Methods: This was a randomized control trial study. The representative samples were 60 pregnant women after cesarean delivery. They were randomly allocated to two groups: the gum chewing group (n=30) and the control group (n=30). The functional bowel informations such as the first bowel movement after cesarean delivery, first flatus, and first defecation were recorded.

Results: The duration of the first heard bowel movement of the gum chewing group (12.23±2.26 hours) was faster than the control group (13.86±1.96 hours) with statistical significance (p= 0.004), (Mean difference 1.62, 95%CI 0.53-2.72), the duration of the first flatus of the gum chewing group (24.38±3.62 hours) was faster than in the control group (28.88±2.80 hours) with statistical significance (p<0.001),(Mean difference 4.50, 95%CI 2.83-6.17). The duration of the first defecation of the gum chewing group (48.19±3.49 hours) and the control group (47.82±3.21 hours) was not statistically significantly difference (Mean difference 0.37, 95%CI -2.10-1.36).

Conclusion: Pregnant women after cesarean delivery who chew gum had the beginning bowel function faster than the pregnant women after cesarean delivery who did not chew gum.


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