A Pilot Study of Maximum Aerobic Capacity and Anaerobic Threshold Among Thais


  • Nattha Muangritdech
  • Wilaiwan Khrisanapant
  • Wannapa Ishida
  • Orapin Pasurivong
  • Watchara Boonsawat
  • Boonsong Patjanasoontorn
  • Burabha Pussadhamma
  • Tichanon Promsrisuk
  • Jiraporn Khangkhan


Maximum aerobic capacity, anaerobic threshold, cardiopulmonary exercise test


Background and Objective: An integrative cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET) has been widely used to simultaneously evaluate the performance of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The achievement of this function is revealed by the maximum oxygen uptake (2max) and anaerobic threshold (AT) in response to a specific work rate (WR) stimulus. There is a lack of data on the normal CPET values for Thais. Therefore, this study aimed to measure 2max and AT during rapidly incremental treadmill testing.

Methods: The maximal cardiopulmonary responses were performed in 30 healthy Thai subjects (15 males; aged 27±5 years and 15 females; aged 27±3 years) who underwent the CPET using an incremental progressive treadmill test until reaching symptom limitation.

Results: Weight and height, but not a body mass index, were higher (p<0.001) in males than in femles. Greater 2max,2max/kg, maximum metabolic equivalent (METmax) and maximal WR in males than females by 71%, 42%, 41% and 85% (p<0.001) were found. The  at AT was higher in males (p<0.001) than females. Consequently, the ventilatory equivalent for O2 uptake () was lower (p<0.05). Besides,2 has positive correlation with WR (males, r = 0.9215, p<0.001; females, r = 0.8768, p<0.001).

Conclusions: The present study provides primarily data on maximal aerobic capacity and anaerobic threshold to maximal exercise using the CPET in healthy Thais. We also demonstrate that males have maximal aerobic capacity and oxygen uptake at anaerobic threshold higher than those of females.


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Muangritdech N, Khrisanapant W, Ishida W, Pasurivong O, Boonsawat W, Patjanasoontorn B, Pussadhamma B, Promsrisuk T, Khangkhan J. A Pilot Study of Maximum Aerobic Capacity and Anaerobic Threshold Among Thais. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2014 Dec. 22 [cited 2024 Jun. 13];29(5):442-9. Available from: https://li01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/SRIMEDJ/article/view/25920



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