The Overall Survival of Colon Cancer Patients in Srinagarind Hospital: 2000-2010, Hospital Based Population


  • Kosin Wirasorn
  • Chalongpon Saeyntong
  • Krisada Paonariang
  • Wiyada Punjaruk


Colon cancer, survival time, Srinagarind hospital


Background and Objective: Colon cancer is frequently found especially in elderly worldwide including Thailand. The aims of this study are to study the survival time and the treatment of choice for colon cancer patients in Srinagarind Hospital during 2000-2010.

Material and Method: All new colon cancer cases registered in Srinagarind Hospital between January 1st, 2000 and December 31st, 2010 were included in this study. Our data were obtained from the Khon Kaen Cancer Registry. The characteristics of patients and survival time were analysed.

Results: The overall increment of new colon cancer cases was 5% in both genders (3% in male and 7% in female).  The mean age of patients was 59 and 57 years in male and female, respectively. Stage IV was the most common stage (35.85%) presented in colon cancer patients at the first diagnosis and stage III was the second most common (12.56%). This study revealed that the most common site of distant metastasis was liver (33.42%). The overall survival rate of all  stages of colon cancer patients was 36.84 months while these data could not be analysed in patients with stage I-III because all these patients still were alive and did not reach the analytical point.

Conclusion: The trends of new colon cancer cases gradually increase every year. If the early stages of colon cancer can be recognised and adequate standard treatment is available for all colon cancer patients, survival time of patients might be longer and the prognosis of patients is possibly improved.


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Wirasorn K, Saeyntong C, Paonariang K, Punjaruk W. The Overall Survival of Colon Cancer Patients in Srinagarind Hospital: 2000-2010, Hospital Based Population. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2015 May 25 [cited 2024 Jun. 13];30(2):103-9. Available from:



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