Neoadjuvant Therapy in Breast Cancer

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Ongart Somintara


Neoadjuvant therapies in breast cancer consist of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, neoadjuvant endocrine therapy and neoadjuvant targeted therapy. These systematic treatments ,which are given prior to definitive surgical therapy, need multidisciplinary team for planning, following and evaluation. In operable breast cancer, neoadjuvant therapies have many advantages in breast cancer patients including increase chance for breast conserving surgery. However, the potential of neoadjuvant therapies that lead to decrease axillary lymph node dissection is still controversial. Pathological complete response after neoadjuvant therapy is the surrogate outcome corresponding with the better disease free survival and overall survival. Neoadjuvant endocrine therapy is suitable for postmenopausal with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer patients who is not candidate for chemotherapy. Treatment options of neoadjuvant therapy depend on tumor biology and molecular subtype for individualizing treatment to the most benefit of patients.

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