Future Challenges in Health Care

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T. Uttaravichien
P. Lapasampanno


To consider all aspect of Health Care Challenges one should  first consider the Big Three Problems of the world today.

Global Warming : this will lead to atmospheric changes, storm, flood, forest fire will lead to mass casualties and disasters.

Global Population : increase in number, increase in elderly population put big strain on social and economic situations. Degenerative, neoplastic and geriatric medicine have to be highlighted in training.

Globalization : rapid media, communication and traveling will lead to comparison competition, challenge and  changing followed by high expectation, accountability and eventually high incidence of legal intimidation.

            To cover the Future Challenges in Health Care one has to attempt to answer the Big Three of these Global Problems in term of Economy, Social and Politics. These will affect both quantity and quality of Health Care Distribution.

            As a developing country one must rely on “Good Enough Policy”. Emphasis must be on General Distribution. That is large some of money must go to large number of people. Avoid the policy of Excellence to the Privileged Few.

            General practice and geriatrics must be emphasized for coming future problems. Prevention and Promotion must be put to the real policy. Lastly Medical Ethics must strictly be preserved :

            Do your best

            Do no harm

            Do respect

            Do justice 

(distribution, basic rights and legal)


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