The Traffic Accident Locations Involving Students of Khon Kaen University Main Campus 2013

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Gunnaphon Anarmnart
Jiraporn Buddawong
Naphat Orprayoon
Prueksar Jordnork
Thanapon Chianpradap
Phenphitcha Pornprasitsakul
Patraporn Sirithip
Sauwananj Bumrerra
Varisara Luvira


Background and objective : In 2013, Thailand got the highest death rate from traffic road accident in Southeast Asia. Most of the victims’ age was among 15-24 years old which indicated the studying age. To study how the accident occurred may have some benefits for associated department.         The objectives of this study were to study 1) Places 2) Time 3) Road designs of the road accident among the colleague students in Khon Kaen University 2013

Methods : This was a descriptive study. The subjects were  Khon Kaen Universiry’s students who had the road accident in 2013 and were recorded in the database of Emergency department of Srinagarind hospital. Totally there were 433 cases and 420 cases were selected as the sample size. Therefore, our research uses the entire database. Data collection forms were adapted from the original one of Emergency department of Srinagarind hospital. Data were analyzed for frequency, Percentage, Proportion, 95% CI and Mode calculated by SPSS-PC version 17. 

Results : The accidents were found at the road from the Western door beside the Noparat dormitory which is a long straight road until the student organization of Khon Kaen University (Zone2; 20.79%), The road from the Eastern door until academic resources center of Khon Kaen University, Faculty of Engineering also included the road in front of 25-year Hall (Zone 3; 19.86%) and The eastern road from Mor Din Dang Shrine until 1st Cafeteria center (Zone 1; 13.39%). Most of the cases at day time occurred in Zone 3 (23.83%), 2 (21.48%) and 1 (16.41%). Most of the cases at night time occurred in Zone 2 (23.08%), 3 (17.48%) and the road from Faculty of Agriculture until Gymnasium intersection which include Plastic swimming center , Faculty of Engineering , Faculty of architecture, Faculty of Medicine, and area of Srinagarind Hospital  (Zone 4; 11.89%). The characteristic of the road which the accidents occurred is long straight road (40.65%), speed hump (24.02%) and short straight road (13.16%). 

Conclusion :  Zone 2 is the place where the most of accident occurred and most cases occurred at daytime. The characteristic of the road which the accidents occurred is long straight road.


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