Proportion of Patient’s Relatives with Sufficient Knowledge in Recording Policy of Srinagarind Hospital

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Panachai Ruangwattanachot
Danudet Wichakhun
Duangsuda Siritheerawat
Phongpisut Poonsawatphong
Auttapon Nuntanawanich
Taksaporn Thongnuapad
Suchada Paileeklee
Varisara Luvira


Background and Objective : Easily access to photographic devices and social media has also come to take a critical role in spreading all kinds of information. Recently, sharing and posting medical photography has widely caused a major impact to Thai medical profession leading to a question of ethical and legal limitations. This study aime to study the proportion of patient’s relatives with sufficient knowledge in recording policy of Srinagarind hospital

Method : This was a descriptive study at Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University.

A total of 767 IPD-patient’s relatives in the day of data collection sampled into 153 people by cluster sampling method. Self-administered questionnaires were used and Frequency, proportion, mean, median, interquartile range and 95% confidential interval were analyzed by SPSS/PC program version17.

Results : The response rate was 74.4%. The proportion of patient's relatives with sufficient knowledge in recording policy of Srinagarind hospital was 74.4% (95%CI 63.2,83.2) . Proportion of patient's relatives answering correctly in all crucial points was 27.5% .The top three reasons of recording in such events were to share pictures with other relatives and friends 54.2% , to use as the evidences in lawsuit 24.3%  and to share on social media 22.2% . The three best ways to publicize the knowledge were through billboards 66.7% , being told verbally 48.0% and public announcement 15.3%

Conclusion :    three-fourth of patient's relatives had sufficient knowledge in recording policy but only one-fourth passed all crucial points. The recording reasons were to share with other relatives and keep as evidences in lawsuits.


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