Allergen Sensitization in Allergic Respiratory Diseases in Children from Northeast, Thailand

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Rachaneekorn Panichnok
Sureeporn Srisuthikamol
Rattapon Uppala
Jamaree Teeratakulpisarn


Back ground: Allergic respiratory diseases composed of asthma and allergic rhinitis are the common chronic illnesses which have great impact on children’s quality of life. Despite many years of the introduction of the international guidelines for symptom-control of  both diseases, children still suffered from disease exacerbation especially for asthma. Adding to the controller medication, outdoor/indoor allergens should be controlled to achieve the treatment goal for pediatric patients.

Objective:  To identify the common allergen sensitization in children presented with allergic respiratory diseases from Northeast, Thailand

Methods:  A retrospectively health records of children ages < 15 years old who presented with respiratory symptoms and had been performed skin prick test at Allergy clinic, Srinagarind Hospital between January 1, 2009 to May 30, 2014 were reviewed. The routine common aeroallergens for sensitization in each patient were house dust (HD), Dermatophagoides  pteronyssinus (DP), Dermatophagoides farinae (DF), Cock roach, Dog, Cat, Timoty grass (Tg), Aspergillus (Ag), Alternaria, Mix Feathers (F).


Results:218 children with respiratory disease were  enrolled  to  the  study

The  mean  age  of  the participants was 6.0  + 3.7 years, max 15 year, min 6 month, median was 5 year and 120 (55.05%) of  them  were  male and 98 of them were female (44.95%). The study founded that common allergens in respiratory disease childrens (asthma and allergic rhinitis) which positive skin prick test were Dermatophagoides  pteronissinus (Dp) (40.82%), Dermatophagoides farina (Df) (36.7%), cockroaches(31.19%), house dust-mites (HD)(30.28%), Timoty grass (13.08%), Dog (11.93%), Cat (11.47%), Feather  Mix  (6.67%), Aspergillus (5.91%), and Alternaria (4.43%)

Conclusion:  The most common sensitized allergen in 218 respiratory disease childrens that evaluated at the pediatric allergy clinic, Srinagarind Hospital between January 1, 2009 to May 30, 20014  based on the results of positive skin prick test (SPT) was Dermatophagoides  pteronissinus (Dp) (40.82%). This research is the first time to study the commons allergens in respiratory disease children in Northeast, Thailand and the result similar in previous studies.


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