The Proportion of Undergraduates in Social Media KKU Group Who Were Knowledgeable of Condom Usage

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Kawin Domrongsiri
Khwangamol Somchai
Dheeratama Siripongsatian
Benjarat Treewiriyanuphab
Phaosin Thongsaen
Kattareeya Jandaboot
Nutchanon Wongcha
Rawikarn Leelerdyudth
Kittiphon Sopunna
Panusart Karaket
Sauwanan Bumrerraj
Manop Kanato


Background and objective: The accurate condom usage can prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexual transmitted disease effectively but 18% of users misuse it. In addition, Facebook users in Thailand had reached the 3rd rank in ASEAN, so we assumed that online questionnaires might be a new interesting route for data collection. This study aimed to  assess the proportion of undergraduates in social media KKU group who were knowledgeable of condom usage.

Methods : This was a descriptive study at Khon Kaen university. 604 undergraduate students  who were a member of KKU group during November 2014 were selected by accidental sampling. A link to a self-administered online questionnaire was posted and reposted in the social media group webpage. It included 1) demographic information 2) knowledge of condom usage 3) preferred responding route of questionnaire.  SPSS-PC v.17 was used to analyze descriptive statistic.

Results: 604 members completed the survey. 80.1% of respondents were undergraduates students and 69.6% of them  had accuracy knowledge of the condom usage. 93.5% of them preferred online questionnaire to provide the information about sex education, 3.7% preferred paper questionnaire and 2.8% preferred direct interview.

Conclusion: 69.6% of undergraduate students were knowledgeable about the condom usage. Most of them preferred to provide information about sex education via online questionnaire.


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Domrongsiri K, Somchai K, Siripongsatian D, Treewiriyanuphab B, Thongsaen P, Jandaboot K, Wongcha N, Leelerdyudth R, Sopunna K, Karaket P, Bumrerraj S, Kanato M. The Proportion of Undergraduates in Social Media KKU Group Who Were Knowledgeable of Condom Usage. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2015 Oct. 5 [cited 2023 Sep. 27];30(5):94. Available from:
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