Unnatural Death of Foreigners: Studied in Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kean Province

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Amporn Chamsuwan


Background and objective: According to the Criminal Procedure Law, unnatural deaths must be investigated by forensic pathologists and police officers. The objective of this study is to investigate the demographic data and the incident of  unnatural foreigner  death  which were autopsied at the department of  Forensic Medicine, faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen university.

Methods:  The death certificate and autopsy reports of foreigners at the department of Forensic Medicine, faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen university during a period of five years from January 2006 to  December 2010 were reviewed. The data were  analysed by descriptive statistics and  based on their sex, age, nationality , causes  and manners of death.

Results: Of  1966  unnatural death,  58 cases were foreigner. All were males, mostly were elderly who came from Europe and lived in Khon Kaen. The most common causes of death were undetermined and   disease (36.02, 31.03 %). The others include accident, homicide and suicide  which  were found 18.96, 6.89 and 6.89 %,  respectively.

Conclusion: All of the unnatural death of  foreigners  were males. Most of them were elderly and lived in Khon Kaen.  Undetermined cause and disease  were the two most common causes of death. 


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