The Prevalence and Associated Factors of the Chronic Pyelonephritis among the Diabetic Patients in Chatturat Hospital, Chaiyapoom Province.

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Rotjanakarn Panduangkaew
Amorn Premgamone
Pattapong Ketsomboon
Isaraporn Thepwongsa
Chutchai Nganwai
Aphitsara Thamrongwaranggoon


Background and Objective: Diabetes increases the risks of hyperuricemia, kidney stone and urinary tract infection. Undiagnosed urinary tract infection may have not been treated properly, this may eventually lead to chronic pyelonephritis and kidney failure. This study aims to investigate the prevalence and associated factors of chronic pyelonephritis (CPN) in diabetic patients.  

 Method: A hospital-based cross-sectional survey for CPN was performed among 220 diabetic patients aged ≥ 30 years in Chatturat hospital, Chaiyapoom Province. Systematic sampling method was performed.

Results: The subjects were 86.4 % females and the average age was 61.0±9.6 years old.  Most of the patients (40.9 %) were agriculturists. The prevalence of  CPN in the diabetics was 20.9%. The associated factors for CPN are the multiple chronic health complaints (MCHC or the I- sarn syndrome, ISS), the symptoms were aggravated when consuming the bamboo shoot and the fermented noodle. (with odds ratio [95%CI] of 2.90 [1.41, 5.97], 2.49 [1.25, 4.93] and 2.31 [1.19, 4.50], respectively). The prevalence of ISS in CPN was 73.9 %.  

Conclusions: Approximately one fifth of the diabetic patients had concurrent CPN. So we recommend to screen the CPN by the history of aggravation symptoms when consumed bamboo shoot/ fermented food or the ISS.


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