Spinal Cord Tumors Cases Over The Past 10 Years At Srinagarind Hospital


  • Kritsakorn Jingjit


Spinal cord tumor, Epidemiology, Tumor location, Schwannoma, Meningioma, Ependymoma


Purpose : To clarify the relative frequency of various histo-pathological spinal cord tumors and their features over the past 10 years in Srinagarind hospital and to compare this data with other reports.

Methods: Primary spinal cord tumor surgical cases from 2005 to 2015, which were registered in our affiliated hospital database were collected. We collected data of  age at the time of  the surgery, sex, anatomical locations, vertebral levels of the tumor, clinical presentation and pathological diagnosis in each case.

Result : Of the 75 patients in our study, 33 (44 %) were males and 42 (56 %) were females. The mean age at surgery was 42.96 years. The pathological diagnoses included 44 schwannoma (59 %), 3 meningioma (4 %), 10 ependymoma (13 %), 3 myxopapillyependymoma(4%), 3 neurofibroma(4 %), and 6 astrocytoma (8 %). the other 8% of patients were diagnosed with other conditions (cavernoma, ganglioglioma, leiomyoma, lipoma, hemangioblastoma) (8%).  Median time until diagnosis was 12.44 months. The most common clinical presentation of primary spinal cord tumors was pain radiating out to the arm and/or leg (45%), numbness (25%), axial pain( 13.3%) (include neck pain and back pain), weakness (13.3%), Only 2 children presented with scoliosis.10.7%, and 5.3% of patients suffered from sphincter dysfunction and paraparesis, respectively.

Conclusion :             This is the first published data on primary spinal cord tumors describing the demographic characteristics, pathological features, anatomical locations, and vertebral levels of these surgically-treated tumors in Srinagarind hospital. The results were similar to those of reports from other Asian countries.


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