Electrocardiogram Characteristics in Alcoholic Beverage Drinker Males

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Prawpan Suwanakitch
Chanita Weeraphan
Sudarat Honman Honman
Aleena Sriprajan Sriprajan
Tomorn Thongsri


Background and Objective: Evaluation form for the assessment of alcohol problems (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test: AUDIT) is a simple tool for screening drinking too much of alcohol and spent time on evaluation is limit.  Because data of the use of AUDIT evaluation form and research in the diagnosis of heart disease by echocardiography in Thailand was still limited. This study aimed to investigate the electrocardiogram(ECG)characteristics in alcoholic beverage drinker males according to AUDIT evaluation form. 

Method: The sample groups were males with over 40 years old living in Tambon Tapao, Muang, Phitsanulok.  They were 106 males and divided into two groups including 86 alcoholic beverage drinkers and 20 non-alcoholic beverage drinkers.  Basic informations of the participants were collected using questionnaires.  Physical examination, assessment of alcohol problem using AUDIT evaluation form, and electrocardiography were performed. 

Results: The alcoholic beverage drinkers were divided into 4 levels.  The low-risk drinkers (level 1) showed 7 abnormal ECG of total 33 (21.2%), the hazardous drinker (level 2) showed 7 abnormal ECG of total 32 (28.9%).  The harmful alcohol use (level 3) was not exhibited abnormal ECG.  Finally, the alcohol dependence (level 4) showed 5 abnormal ECG of total 13 (38.5%).  For non-alcoholic beverage drinkers, the abnormal ECG was found in 3 of total 20 (15.0%).  

Conclusion:  The abnormal ECG was detected in alcoholic beverage drinker males according to AUDIT evaluation form in various levels.  Therefore, male with a history of alcoholic beverage drinking should be performed  electrocardiography for heart disease screening.


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