A Survey of the Routine to Research and Research Utilization in Nursing Division Srinagarind Hospital

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Pornnipa Harnlakorn
Ubol Juangpanich
Siriporn Mongkolthawolchai
Ubolrattna Toimamuang
Somboon Thienthong


Background and Objective:  Nursing Division, Srinagarind hospital,has the policy of encouraging nurses to create research from their routine works which call Routine to Research (R2R). This study aimed to survey the number of R2R-related articles and their utilization published by nurse providers at the Nursing Division, Srinagarind hospital, faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen university.

Materials and methods: This was a descriptive study.  Questionnaires were sent to all corresponding authors published either in index or non-index journals during 2007-2013. We focused on basic data of researchers, number of articles that received funding, and the number of R2R- related articles and their utilization. Descriptive statistics, frequency and percentage, were used for data analyses.

Results: There were 41 published articles during the studied period, only 14 articles (34.14%) were considered as R2R, whereas 27 (65.85%) were not. Eleven articles (26.82%) received funding, and only 12 studies (29.27% of all published papers) were continuously utilized in routine patient care.

Conclusion:  Of all articles published by nurses from nursing division, about one-third (34%) were R2R, and only 29% have been applied to routine patient care.  It is suggested that the administrator of nursing division should push more efforts enhancing the nurses’ knowledge and skills on R2R, encouraging doing R2R and also research utilization.


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