Attitudes of Physicians and Nurses Towards the Risk Factors of Complaint: Study in the North-Eastern Region of Thailand

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Wirut Khunkitti
Nipha Nusri-un


Background and Objective :There are several risk factors related to the complaints on the services of physicians and nurses including communication skill of medical personnel,patients and relatives,  experience of complaint and standards of care in the hospital.  However, the study on risk factors related to the patient complaints is not clearly understood.  Studying  of patient complaints in healthcare services is being used as a tool for reduce the risk of a patient complaintsThis study aimed to analyze and compare the relationship between physicians' complaint  and its associated factors in the northeastern region of Thailand.  

Method:159 subjects were doctors and nurses in the northeastern region of Thailand who attended the academic meeting of  the  Department of Forensic Medicine,  Khon Kaen University, Thailand.   between    18 - 19   August   2011  and    9 - 10  July   2012  

Results:This study found that the subjects had experienced in the patient complaints was 64.8 percent and 61.0percent was civil case. The majority of the complaints were directly related to poor communication (93.0%), patients and relatives (81.1%)  and  clinical care (71.1%),  respectively.  

Conclusion:Improving the physician's interpersonal skills, patients and relatives as well as clinical care can increase patient satisfaction and reduce the risk of  a  patient complaints. 


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