A Literature Review of the Pharmacological Effects of Spilanthesacmella: Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic of Muscles.

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Panicha Pongnaratorn


Muscle pain is the most common cause of many diseases. Currently, some herbs used to treat muscle pain such as Spilanthesacmella L. Murr. The major substance in Spilanthesacmella  is spilanthol which is in alkamide groups possessing local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, spilanthol is well  absorbed in tissue of the body and produces  rapid onset and long duration of action. In addition, Spilanthesacmellareduces inflammation that affects to musclespain by two mechanisms with central and peripheral nervous system. From previous studies in experimental animals using a hot plate, tail flick, acetic acid-induce writhing test, and  formalin test showed Spilanthesacmellacan significantly reduce pain better than the control group. Thus, Spilanthesacmellamay be developed for use in the treatment of muscle pain.


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