The Visitors’ Satisfaction with Various Aspects of the Srinagarind Hospital Guesthouse


  • Thawalrat Ratanasiri
  • Patchararat Duangmala
  • Bannawat Tantikun
  • Sakon Donnimitsakul
  • Pawin Wongkunnasaap
  • Pattranit Raadnui
  • Jirapa Aroonpree
  • Tanawat Rattanaphan
  • Pongwich Kaewpamorn
  • Isaraporn Thepwongsa
  • Sompong Srisaenpang


Satisfaction, Visitors, Srinagarind hospital guesthouse


Background and Objective : Srinagarind hospital guest house has about 300-400 visitors each day and tend to be increasing. This guesthouse plays a big role in reducing expenses of the patients and their carers. There is a hospital accreditation report of the guest house every year but the factors related to the visitors' satisfaction have not been explored. In order to improve the guesthouse, these factors are needed to be sought out. This study aim to examine 1) The visitors' satisfaction of the Srinagarind hospital guesthouse  2) The related factors that may affect their satisfaction with the guesthouse.
Method: Descriptive study at  Srinagarind hospital guesthouse. Time allocation sampling was used to select 244 people from Srinagarind hospital guesthouse to represent the guesthouse’s visitors that have registered in 1 year. A self-administered questionnaire separated in 3 categories. 1) General data 2) The satisfactions in various categories 3) Suggestions. SPSS v. 19 and Epi info for Dos were used to analyze proportions, frequency, mean, 95% confidence interval, p-value, linear by linear association and Pearson’s Chi-square.

Results: The rate of respondents was 100% (250/250). The majority of respondents were satisfied with the overall aspects of the hospital guesthouse 92.40% (95%CI: 88.20, 95.24). The management aspect was the highest satisfaction (99.20%), whilst the safety of the guesthouse was the least (75.1%).The factors that might relate but not significant to the visitors’ satisfaction were gender, age, occupation, status of the visitors, address, family income, graduation and frequency of visits.

 Conclusion: The majority of the visitors to the Srinagarind hospital guesthouse were satisfied with the overall aspects of the guesthouse. No factors were found statistically significant related to their satisfaction.


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Ratanasiri T, Duangmala P, Tantikun B, Donnimitsakul S, Wongkunnasaap P, Raadnui P, Aroonpree J, Rattanaphan T, Kaewpamorn P, Thepwongsa I, Srisaenpang S. The Visitors’ Satisfaction with Various Aspects of the Srinagarind Hospital Guesthouse. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2016 Oct. 5 [cited 2024 Jun. 13];31(5):56. Available from:



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