Motivation of Blood Donation among Khon Kaen University Students at Blood Bank Unit, Khon Kaen University


  • Kornkamon Churirutporn
  • Chuda Romphruk
  • Nattakoon Potjalongsin
  • Nattawika Pendee
  • Peerawit Lueangingkasut
  • Silawat Pansuk
  • Somdej Pinitsoontorn
  • Suchada Paileeklee


motivations, blood donation, Khon Kaen University, student


Background and Objective : Blood is an essential component for medical treatment. Despite rising in the number of blood donation, the amount of blood supply is not enough and the proportion of student is less than general population. This study aim to study 1.) proportion of motivations driving Khon Kaen University (KKU) students to donate blood either for the first time or later at blood bank unit.  2.) proportion of knowledge about self-preparing before donation

Method : Descriptive study at Blood bank unit, Khon Kaen University (KKU). Sampling is KKU students studying in Bachelor’s degree 2015 and willing to donate blood at blood bank unit, 105 participants. The determined sample size is 102 with no sampling method.  Tool : self-reported questionnaire. Data analysis : using SPSS-PC version19 to calculate frequency, proportion, percentage  and 95%CI

Result : Response rate is 100%. The three highest proportions of motivation for first-time donation are desire to help patients 75.2% (95%CI:65.9%, 82.9%), making merit 59.1% and being persuaded 38.1%, respectively.  In part of the three highest proportion of motivation in the recent donation are desire to help patients 78.7% (95%CI:68.8%, 86.2%), making merit  62.8%  and self-pride 36.2%,  respectively.  Alcohol-free interval is the question with the most misunderstanding answer 59.05%.

Conclusion : The most affecting motivation of blood donation in three-quarters of the population is desire to help patients concordantly in the first time and later.  About half of the population misunderstands about alcohol-free interval.


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Churirutporn K, Romphruk C, Potjalongsin N, Pendee N, Lueangingkasut P, Pansuk S, Pinitsoontorn S, Paileeklee S. Motivation of Blood Donation among Khon Kaen University Students at Blood Bank Unit, Khon Kaen University. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2016 Oct. 5 [cited 2024 May 28];31(5):57. Available from:



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