Co-prevalence of Human Papillomavirus and Herpesviruses in Anal Infection of Asymptomatic Men Who Have Sex with Men in KhonKaen, Thailand

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Kanisara Proyrungroj
Saowarop Hinkan
Jiratha Budkaew
Bundit Chumnvorathayee
Chamsai Pientong
Tipaya Ekalaksananan


Background and Objective :Men having sex with men (MSM) remains to be the largest high-risk group involved in on-going transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STI). Asymptomatic MSM with anal infection of HPV, HSV and EBV could substantiate the importance of transmission between partners and also has been associated with anal cancer. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of HPV, HSV and EBV infection and co-infection of them in anus of asymptomatic MSM in KhonKaen, Thailand.

Methods: The anal swabs were collected from 200 MSM. DNA was extracted and quantitated by detecting GAPDH gene using real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). HPV, HSV and EBV DNA were investigated by real-time PCR using specific primers. HPV positive samples were genotyped by reverse line blot hybridization.

Results:The prevalence of HPV infection in asymptomatic MSM showed the highest (51%) and followed by EBV (39%) and HSV (4%). High-risk and low-risk HPV types were found in 83.3% and 23%, respectively, and 20.6% of cases were infected with both of high-risk and low-risk HPV types. In high-risk HPV group, HPV 16, was the most common followed by HPV 58 and HPV 18. Multiple HPV type infections were found in 52% of HPV positive cases. The co-infection with these three viruses was also detected especially HPV and EBV was the most common (17%).

Conclusion:The anal infection of HPV and herpesviruses was commonly found in asymptomatic MSM. The asymptomatic MSM can spread these viruses to other persons. Co-infection of high-risk HPV with herpesviruses in anus may be an important risk factor to promote anal cancer development.


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