Combination of Bilateral Multiple Anomalies of Renal Blood Vessels Together with Testicular Blood Vessels and Renal Pelvises - A Case Report

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Waraporn Sakaew
Chanwit Maneenin
Somsiri Ratanasuwan
Pattama Amarttayakong
Porntip Boonruangsri
Jaturat Kanpittaya
Wiphawi Hipkaeo


Background andObjective:  A number of the renal surgical interventions have recently been increased in the clinical fields. A better understanding of the anatomy of renal blood vessels including arteries, veins and their branches is critical to perform the renal surgical intervention.

Method : This is a case report study. A 79-year-old male Thai cadaver, who donated his body to Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University was studied.

Results : In the present report, the multicombined anomalies of bilateral renal blood vessels in accompany with anomalies of gonadal blood vessels and ureters as well as pelvises cadaver were found. The inferior accessory renal artery and vein were identified in both sides. The right testicular artery passed posterior to the inferior vena cava. Double left testicular veins were observed. The left renal artery passed over the superior edge of the left renal vein and located anteriorly to this vein. In addition to the vascular variations, bilaterally bifurcated renal pelvises were also identified.

Conclusion : The present finding is relevance information for reducing the chance of potential vascular injuries during the renal surgery.


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