Determination of Drying Rate of Jackfruit by Infrared Dryer, Vacuum System


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Effect of Vacuum, The Jackfruit drying, Infrared dryers


This paper was to study the optimal conditions for jackfruit drying. By infrared dryer, vacuum system. To find the temperature and the distance between the infrared tubes and the appropriate jackfruit. The dryer consists of diameter 0.51 m, length 0.8 m. of drying room, 2 infrared heaters 220 V. 250 W. the vacuum pump work rate 13.42 m3/hr. And eradication moisture with the Compressor of Refrigeration System size 0.252 kW. The sample for test used jackfruit 2 kg. standard of sample before baking is 350 - 400% of dry basis. Baking sample at 50, 55 and 60 oC. And Change the absolute pressure on 1, 5, 10 kPa and 15 kPa. And Change rang from infrared heater to the jackfruit at 12, 15, and 18 cm. Last moisture will be less than 19% of dry basis. The optimum conditions for jackfruit drying were Drying temperature at 60 ° C, 1 kPa, infrared heater distance to 12 cm shelves for minimum drying time of 480 minutes, lowest specific energy consumption of 21.67 MJ/kg, and the highest drying rate was 0.172 kg/hr due to the low pressure vacuum. Can reduce the boiling point of water within the jackfruit. And the distance of the infrared heater to the material near the jackfruit. Higher power consumption per unit of infrared heater. This results in a decrease in specific energy consumption. Increased drying rate.


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