A Design and Construction of Patient Food Trolley for using in the Hospital Driven by DC Motor in the Sermngam Lampang Hospital


  • Chaiyun Jaiboonma Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering and architecture Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi Huntra


trolley, patient food trolley, hospital, DC motor, battery


The aim of this research was to design and construct a hospital patient food trolley driven by DC motor. The study was carried out at Sermngam Hospital, Lampang. The design dimensions of the trolley had a width of 0.8 meters, a length and height of 1.2 meters, and could accommodate 32 trays of food with a total weight of not more than 200 kilograms. The structure and body of the trolley were made of stainless steel. Power was transmitted using a DC Motor via conveyor belts with a power rating of 500 watts, 24 volts. Having performed standard test drives on a horizontal level and a slope of 15 degrees, results showed that the trolley could drive on slopes not more than 15 degrees at a maximum speed of 2.88 kilometers per hour. The duration of battery usage in the case of continuous use was 2 hours. In the case of food transportation along the Sermngam Lampang hospital route, the trolley covered a distance of 660 meters per day. The battery can be used for 5 days per single charge and has an average lifetime of 8-10 months.


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