Mixed flow condition low friction water turbine design for Hydroelectric power generation. Case study: Huay Mong village, Muang pan district, Lampang province


  • Wasivirot Netisak Lampang Rajabhat University
  • Pongsak Youmun


Hydroelectricity, Water Turbine, Huay Mong village


The purposes of this research are to improve the efficiency of the low-friction turbine for natural water resources and to develop hydroelectricity systems working along with solar power generation systems. Additionally, to establish the renewable energy learning center for educating locals in Huay Mong village, Muang pan district, Lampang, or general interest. In this research, the developed low-friction turbine, based on the Pelton turbine model, is used for maximizing the efficiency of driving  the generator which is suitable for water intake and dispersion in the generator. Moreover, the researcher using the Finite Element simulation technic by setting  the parameter similar to the condition of the actual target area. It made the turbine is practically able to be used in the target area by using the inlet pressure and open the nozzle under pressured atmospheric by using fluid mixed-flow method, as well as, The Navier-Stokes equation and Reynolds number are used to solve the equation. The theory considered the water as an incompressible fluid in stable conditions by adjusting the velocity of the water flowing into the turbine by adjusting the nozzle opening level to 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, and 1/4. It was found that adjusting the opening level of the nozzle to force the water flow rate to drive the designed turbine. It can make the turbine efficiency as high as 66.11%. Conversely, when the water flow rate is reduced, resulting in decreased efficiency of the turbine. Therefore, the output which compared with the maximum turbine efficiency value obtained from the test was 57.56%.


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