The Work Study and Standard Time for Processing Dragon Jars: Case Study of a Dragon Jar Factory


  • Thawatchai Prayatwong -
  • Chertchai Thurapaeng
  • Tongtang Tonglim
  • Choosak Pornsing


Dragon Jar, Flow Process Chart, Work Study, Standard Time


The purpose of this research was to investigate the work study and standard time for producing dragon jars in the made by order production process. A direct time study was carried out in conjunction with an expert and using the Westinghouse Performance Assessment Scale. Optimal counts were calculated using the Maytag table with 95% confidence level and 5% accuracy. It was found that the number of time intervals suitable for 6 cycles was taken as the representative mean time calculated with the time allowance for each sub-activity. It was found that the standard time used in the production process at the production station was as follows: clay preparation station- 12.34 minutes; forming station- 24.33 minutes; decoration station- 20.28 minutes; glazing station- 8.43 minutes; and kiln station- 5.31 minutes. Standard time studies can be considered as important in providing relevant background data, in relation to the control of working hours, cost calculation and production planning. Moreover, they can be used as the guidelines for increasing productivity in the pottery industry.


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