Simple Circuit for Continuous Monitoring of Mean Arterial Blood Pressure.

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Chamni Prasertchuang
Somboon Tienthong
Watana Tantanatawin
Naiyana Pengsakes
Suporn Vorpratum
Pachara Tantisawee


A comparative study of the three blood pressure monitoring devices were carried out. The mean arterial pressure (MAP) recorded by a pressure transducer were not significant difference (P>0.05) when compared to the value recorded by a simple device. There were significant difference (P>0.05) in the MAP recorded by the pressure transducer compared to the normal auscultatory blood pressure measurement (NABP). The MAP recorded by the simple device were also not significant difference (P>0.05) when compared to the NABP.

The simple device is economical and can be used for the continuous monitoring of the mean arterial blood pressure in critical patient in provincial hospital.


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