The Effect of Cold Herbal Gel Pack Compress to Release Post Traumatic Headache of Patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

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Arunrat Uthaisang
Praewa Kaewpolngam
Kamonwan Sanlad
Koranan Singthong
Kanjana Jangsanam
Kanchanapon Prompap
Kwanruan Merndee
Paweethida Kasemsuk
Kawarin Sapimon


Background and Objectives: Post-traumatic headache (PTH) is the most prevalent type of pain after mild head injury (MHI) with the prevalence rate of 59.2-92%.  PTH can be managed with medications and alternative medicines. The objectives of this research were to compare the differences of mean scores of PTH among patients with mild traumatic brain injury (mild TBI) by applying cold compression gel and herbal cold compression gel.

Methods:  This study is a quasi-experimental research. The samples consisted of 70 patients with mild TBI. They were equally divided into two groups: 35 cases in the control group by applying cold compression gel and 35 cases in the experimental group by applying herbal cold compression gel. Purposive random sampling was used to collect data depending on inclusion criteria. Data collection was collected between 24-48 hours after patients were admitted in the hospital. The research instruments included; 1) the general information questionnaire, 2) the injury data recording form, 3) the questionnaire about the PTH and 4) the satisfaction assessment form of the patients with mild TBI towards the use of the innovation.    

Results: The PTH of experimental group was reduced with statistical significance at the level of p <0.01.Moreover, PTH was lower than the control group with statistical significance at the level of p <0.01. The satisfaction of the experimental group was at a high level.   

Conclusion:  Herbal cold compression gel can be used as integrated care to alleviate post-traumatic headache in the patients with mild TBI.


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