Trends in Neonatal Mortality at Chaiyaphum Hospital , 2012-2019

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Juthatip Udomsup


Background and Objectives: Neonatal mortality is considered a basic measure of public maternal and child health. This study aimed to determine trends in neonatal mortality at Chaiyaphum Hospital during the period from 2012 to 2019 and to determine potential factors contributing to neonatal mortality.

Methods: A retrospective descriptive study of  30,375 live births , who were admitted in Chaiyaphum  Hospital between 1 October 2011 and 30 September 2019. 232 neonatal deaths (0 - 28 days) at  Chaiyaphum  Hospital were analyzed. Data were analyzed for statistical significant (p < 0.05) by

chi – square test. Neonatal mortality rates , time of death , causes of death were calculated. Factors contributing to the neonatal mortality stratified by gestational age and birth weight were compared in univariate analyses by calculating odd ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval.

Results: The overall neonatal mortality rate at Chaiyaphum  Hospital during the period  from 2012  to 2019 was 7.64 per 1000 live births. Overall neonatal mortality remained unchanged from 2012 to 2019

(p = 0.34). Factors significantly associated with neonatal mortality include preterm and low birth weight , especially extremely preterm < 28 weeks gestation (OR 357.553 , 95 % CI 236.748 – 540.002 , p < 0.001) and extremely low birth weight  500 - 999 gram (OR 384.270 , 95 % CI 256.998 - 574.573 , p < 0.001). Time of death , 72.84 % were early neonatal deaths. Cause of  neonatal death , the largest neonatal mortality was neonatal sepsis (40.52 %). The trends in neonatal mortality rates of respiratory distress syndrome , late onset  neonatal sepsis showed statistically significant decreases , but  early onset neonatal sepsis significantly increased.

Conclusion: The overall neonatal mortality at Chaiyaphum Hospital remained unchanged from 2012  to 2019. Factors significantly associated with neonatal mortality include preterm and low birth weight. Cause of neonatal death , the largest neonatal mortality was neonatal sepsis.


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