Two Incisions Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy by Handmade Glove Port and Additional Trocar

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Panuwat Khantasa-ard


Background and objective: Conventional instruments used in SILC revealed instruments conflict and difficulty in Calot’s triangle dissection, this  research aimed to study results of TILC by handmade glove port and additional trocar to correct  problem and limitation of SILC.

Method: This was a retrospective study.Collected data of gallstone disease patients operated by TILC by handmade glove port and additional trocar at Mahasarakham hospital between 1 July - 31 December 2020.

Results: Total 30 patients included 11 males and 19 females, mean age was 52.4 years old, mostly age between 50-60 years old.Mean body mass index was 24.14 kilogram/meter2, operative time was 43.27 minutes, blood loss from operation was 7.17 milliliters, length of hospital stay was 2.07 day, pain score at 24 hour post operation assessed by visual analogue scale was 1.83 and treatment cost was 26,249.35 Bahts.No perioperative, 4th and 12th week post operative complication. No instruments conflict, usable conventional instruments, wider surgical angulation and more convenience in Calot’s triangle dissection than SILC.

Conclusion: TILC by handmade glove port and additional trocar was efficacy, able to correct problem and limitation of SILC  with the same conventional instrument.


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