Deep Neck Infections of Patients at Roi Et Hospital

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Chairat Sererat
Wipada Sererat


Objective: To study the general characteristics of patients, site of infected, bacteria that cause of infection, and outcome of deep neck infection treatment of patient at Roi Et Hospital.

Methods: This study was retrospective descriptive study. All data were collected from medical records of patients at Roi Et Hospital during January 1, 2015 to October 31, 2020. The total numbers of study subjects were 137 cases. The variables of interests including general characteristics of patients, site of infected, bacteria cause of infection, and methods of treatment. The statistical analyzed were used descriptive statistics.

Results: The study subjects most of them were male 59.58%, mean age 47.12 years (SD=22.01), underlying diseases with diabetes mellitus 22.63%, the important symptoms   were fever 97.81%,  pain and swelling around the neck or face 91.97%, Sore throat 80.29%,  Difficulty swallowing 75.18,  Swallowing pain 75.91%, and  less mouth open 57.66%. The sites of infection were Submandibular space 36.50%, Buccal space 15.33%, and Parotid space 10.95%. The bacterial cultures were found Klebsiella pneumoniae 11.68%, Staphylococcus aureus 5.11%, Beta hemolytic streptococcus 2.92%, Alpha hemolytic streptococcus 2.92%, Enterococcus faecalis 2.19%, Proteus mirabilis 1.46%. Most of patients were treated by antibiotics along with pus drainage surgery 64.96%, treat with antibiotics only 30.66%, and antibiotic treatment with pus drainage surgery and tracheostomy 4.38%, and the treatment result was improved 99.27%

 Conclusion: Patients deep neck infections who were admitted at Roi Et Hospital most of them infected at submandibular space, Klebsiella pneumoniae was most of infection. Most of them used antibiotic for treatment


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