Developing of Primary Health Care Network Management System in Thawat Buri Hospital

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Prakat Charearnrad
Papichaya Singcha


Background and objective:  Primary health care network management system is a proactive operation. Emphasis is placed on improving the health of individuals, families and communities, reduce the waiting time and reduce crowding of secondary hospitals. This study aimed to participatory action research to develop and evaluate the management system of Thawat Buri hospital primary care network.

Methods:  This research was conducted a participatory action research. Conducting a situational analysis phased research and develop a management system for primary care networks were implement stages. The research participants consisted of 10 multidisciplinary team, 20 of health workers in  district health promoting hospital, and  830 of service recipients derived from purposive sampling. Data collect for using were need assessment  form, performance record form, and patient’s satisfaction form , group discussions, The study was conducted from October 2020 to September 2021 and analysis of data on descriptive statistics and content analysis.

Results: Before development found Service arrangement problems occur for both service providers, and service recipients, such as distance, the process of receiving services waiting period , patient appointment, patient follow-up , overcrowding of patients and travel expenses respectively. Overall, diabetes mellitus  and hypertension were come  to service network were increased by 80.59% and 70.66% , in well control diabetic mellitus, overall hemoglobin A1c (≤ 7%) was increased by 30.14%, and hypertension patients were able to control blood pressure (BP<140/ 90 mmHg) by 69.40 % overall, and decreased complications of kidneys, eyes and foot by 5.61%,11.11% and 44.67% respectively. The overall waiting time at the outpatient department was reduced by 1 hour and 3 minutes, decreased chronic illness patients in the outpatient department by 2,694 visits, decreased cost of medicines and medical supplies by 148,081.85 baht and the medical service satisfaction index was 83.2%.

Conclusion: The Primary health care network management system  affects a clinical outcomes of chronic disease,  reduce the waiting time , overcrowding in hospitals, and medical supplies.


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