Surgical Outcome of Penile Reconstruction in Penile Foreign Body Granuloma


  • Piyamit Sumonsriwarakun Department of Plastic Surgery, Debaratana Nakhonratsima Hospital


penile foreign body granuloma, penile paraffinoma, penile reconstruction, scrotal flap


Background and Objective: A current treatment for penile paraffinoma which are injected into the penile skin is surgery performed to remove the skin which covers these foreign substances and reconstruct the neo-penile skin. To date, there has not been reported that this treatment was carried out in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand. This research aimed to understand and collect data from whom had foreign substances injected into the penile skin and for post-operative care and disease prevention.

Methods: A retrospective study was conducted using patient medical records of Debaratana Nakhon Ratchasima hospital compiled between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022. The collected data involves three aspects:  the patients’ general physical information, details about their penile injections and their occurring symptoms, and results of the surgical treatment shown in the medical records. There were three types of surgical treatment found: single-stage triple pedicle technique for a W-shaped incision of the scrotal flap, single-stage penile skin advancement flap, and two-stage surgical treatment of the scrotal flap.

Results: 32 patients participated in this study, with their mean age of 32.8 years. 30 patients reported that the most motivational cause of their injections were increasing the size of their penis, and 26 of them revealed that mineral oil is the most popular substance used for their injections. The most common symptoms that were found to develop after the injections were penis deformity, which were found in 30 patients. The average duration between the injections and the treatment was 2.9 years; the average length of  hospital stay was 4.3 days; the average period of returning to normal sexual intercourse was 5.4 weeks., and the most common complication was partial necrosis, in 12 cases.

Conclusions: The majority of patients who received an injection of easily available substances such as mineral oil for penile enlargement were the most motivational cause. After being injected with these foreign bodies, each of the patients had a deformed penis and an inability to have sexual intercourse. The three types of surgical treatment for penis reconstruction proved safe and hospitalization did not last long.


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