• Wiwat Thavornwattanayong Department of Community Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Silpakorn University, Sanamchandra Palace Campus, Nakhon Pathom
Keywords: Pharmacy, Development guideline, PESTEL


In the first half of 2020, Thailand was faced with the crisis of the novel coronavirus 2019 outbreak leading to economic slowdown and regression. Even though community pharmacies provide the primary service of having the role in medical supply and promoting suitable drug use in the community, it also can be a profitable retail business. During the outbreak crisis, some areas of the pharmacy was income impacted, but after the outbreak crisis, the recovery was still uncertain which might expand to the operation and profitability. The analysis for the opportunity in crisis then used to develop the pharmacy might be the way to allow the business to grow. This article aimed to suggest the opportunity and development of pharmacies after the novel coronavirus 2019 outbreak. The analysis employed PESTEL and several development concepts such as the participation in “get the medicine from pharmacy to reduce congestion at the hospital” and “Pracharat Blue Flag Project”. The use of technology to enhance the service efficiency such as clients/patients record, public relation, teletechnology to give health and medicine advice and the development of pharmacy area management to be proportional, clean, beautiful and attractive for Thai and foreigners who were customers or tourists that will increase after the crisis. The development from these guidelines might help pharmacies in long-term growth and to help the community as a whole.


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