The Virtual Reality Information System of Cultural Tourism in Lop Buri Province for Elderly Adults

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chaiyapol klinjan


The objectives of this present research were to 1) develop information system with virtual reality technology to publicize cultural tourist destinations in Lop Buri, and, 2) to study users’ satisfaction after using the information system. The research was conducted as follow: 1) develop the information system of cultural and traditional tourist attractions in Lop Buri, 2) implement quality assessment of the developed information system, and 3) explore satisfaction of the users after using the information system during December 2019. The research participants were 50 elderly tourists in Lop Buri.

The findings revealed as the followings. 1) The information system employed virtual reality technology consisting of 2D and 3D images, documentaries about festivals and tradition, and travel plan. The system could facilitate the elderly tourists’ decision making for traveling. 2) The systems can help disseminate information on historical sites and foster imagination in learning. Results from the questionnaire indicated that users’ satisfaction was at high level (x= 4.10) and the information system can be used as a facilitation tool for travel decision-making of elderly tourists.


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klinjan, chaiyapol. (2022). The Virtual Reality Information System of Cultural Tourism in Lop Buri Province for Elderly Adults. Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya Research Journal, 14(2), 497–512. Retrieved from
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chaiyapol klinjan, Faculty of Information Technology, Thepsatri Rajaphut University.

Faculty of Information Technology, Thepsatri Rajaphut University, 321, Talaychubsorn, Muang, Lop buri 15000, Thailand.


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