Duties of Authors

1. The author has to assure that a submitted article are new and has not been previously published as a proceeding in nor simultaneously submitted to other journals.

2. The author of original research should present the facts arising from the research without misrepresenting or making false information.

3. The author must cite the work and/or words of others that have been used in the article and must also list their references in the citation list.

4. The author is required to adjust their article in accordance with the formats stipulated by the journal in the manuscript guideline; otherwise the journal editorial board will not accept the articles.

5. The author whose name listed in the article must actually be contributed or involved in conducting research in which the journal editor will consider the possibility of the article.

6. The author shall identify the source (s) of research fund in acknowledgment.

7. The author shall identify any applicable conflict of interest (In case of concern about article submission)

Duties of Editors

1. The editor will assess the accuracy of format and the article quality before the reviewing process for publication in the journal.

2. During the article evaluation and publication process, the editor shall reveal no information whatsoever relevant to the author and the reviewer.

3. The editor will preliminarily assess the article quality in deciding on the selection of articles into the reviewing process and select only those passing through the reviewing process based on the results of experts for publication. Including, notify the latest, the clarity and the congruence of the article according to the journal policy must be prioritized.

4. The editor must not publish articles that have been published elsewhere, either in the form of a journal or in proceeding.

5. The editor must not reject any publication of an article that is inconsistent with the journal policy due to doubt or uncertainty until evidence is proven.

6. The editor must bear no conflict of interest with the author(s), the reviewer(s) or the executive board(s).

7. The editor must seriously detect the submitted article for plagiarism by using an academically recognized program. In case the plagiarism is found, the editor shall contact the author for explanation, and if there is no academic explanation, the editor shall consider rejecting the article.

Duties of Reviewers

1. The reviewer shall reveal no information whatsoever relevant to the reviewed article and author to others during the reviewing period. (Confidentiality)

2. The reviewer must bear no conflict of interest with the author such as being a co-researcher or knowing the author personally or any other reasons that will prevent the assessor from providing independent opinions and suggestions. In case of conflict of interest, the reviewers shall notify the editor without undue delay and decline the invitation to review the article.

3. The reviewers shall evaluate only the article relating to their expertise by considering the content of the article, the importance, the latest, the clarity, the consistency of the content and concentration of the article. However, personal opinions without academic information should not be used as a basis for judging research articles.

4. The reviewer can recommend important research findings and in accordance with the article being evaluated where the authors did not refer to the article evaluation. Moreover, the reviewer should also reject and notify the editors of any substantial similarity or overlap between the article under consideration and any other article.