Vegetable Soybean Line Development for Black Seed Coat Color Trait in F2, BC1F2 and BC2F1 Generations


  • Pimnapa Khunpilueg Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University
  • Rungsarid Kaveeta Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University
  • Tanee Sreewongchai Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University



black seed coat; backcross; vegetable soybean; generation mean analysis; segregating population; polygene; gene effect


This study was aimed to develop vegetable soybean lines in vegetable soybean breeding program for black seed coat color by crossing among a ‘Black Seed’ variety (black seed coat color) with two aromatic vegetable soybeans, ‘Kaori’ and ‘Chiang Mai 84-2’, in dry season 2013 at Chiang Mai Field Crops Research Center, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. The F2, BC1F2 and BC2F1 populations were grown together with their parents. Some agronomic and yield component traits related to black seed coat color were recorded in parents F2, BC1F2 and BC2F1 of the two crosses. The results of generation mean analysis (GMA) in F2, BC1F2 and BC2F1 showed multiple gene controlling, with additive and non-additive effects, in seed coat color, number of pod bearing branches, number of 2-seed pods, number of pods per plant, 100-dry seed weight and seed weight per plant. The two parents, ‘Chiang Mai 84-2’ and ‘Kaori’ had different genetic control in these traits but both
could be used in breeding program between black seed coat and aromatic varieties.


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