Development of DNA Easy Kit for Shell Thickness Detection in Oil Palm Seedling


  • Prasarn Seubsuk Biotechnology Research and Development Office, Departmentof Agriculture
  • Kularb Kongthong Biotechnology Research and Development Office, Departmentof Agriculture
  • Rungnapa Pitaktansakul ฺBiotechnology Research and Development Office, Department of Agriculture
  • Onrat Wongsri Fieldand Renewable Energy Crops Research Institute, Departmentof Agriculture
  • Khanitha Wongwathanarat iotechnology Research and Development Office, Departmentof Agriculture
  • Suwimon Kolasuk Suratthani Oil Palm Research Center, Departmentof Agriculture
  • Danai Nakprasert Biotechnology Research and Development Office, Departmentof Agriculture



single nucleotide polymorphism, shell thickness, DNA Easy Kit, oilpalm seedling


Molecular detection of oil palm fruit forms, shell thickness in seedling stage by Real-time PCR techniques are limited and require expensive equipment and reagents. This research developed DNA Easy Kit, a simple DNA test kit to identify the characteristics of oil palm fruit forms (dura, pisifera and tenera) at seedling stage using Nucleic Acid Lateral Flow technique. It was aimed to detect and eliminate dura-form seedling during nursery growth before field planting and select male pisifera-form parents in oil palm breeding programme. The research was conducted at the Biotechnology Research and Development Office and the Suratthani Oil Palm Research Center during October 2017 to December 2019. The research work was carried out using the analysis and detection of sequence of MADS-box genes in the oil palm population of the Deli, Tanzania and Suratthani 7. It was found that SNP at 274 (A/T) were related to the shell thickness of oil palm. The DNA Easy Kit for fruit form detection was developed and the method validation was carried out. The results showed that the detection of oil palm fruit forms by DNA Easy Kit was 100% of specificity, accuracy, comparable to the Real-time PCR technique which required expensive equipment and reagents. This Kit was applicable for quality control of Tenera oil palm seedling production for reducing or eliminating dura-form contamination in Suratthani 7 hybrid seedling before distributing to farmers and distinguishing male pisifera-form parents efficiently. It can reduce planting areas, labor, time and expenses in oil palm breeding process.


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