Annotated Checklist for a Collection of Fishes from Tapi River Basin, south Thailand


  • VACHIRA LHEKNIM Department of Biology, Prince of Songkla University, PO Box 3 Kho Hong, Songkhla 90112, THAILAND


Freshwater fishes, Tapi River Basin, Surat Thani


A collection of fishes was taken from the Tapi River Basin floodplain, small tributaries and mainstream of the river in the middle and lower reaches of the basin in 1996. In this study, 49 species in 37 genera belonging to 20 families were collected, identified and deposited in the Prince of Songkla University Zoological Collection. Notes on occurrence, ecology and taxonomy are given. An additional 3 species: Lepidocephalichthys tomaculum Kottelat and Lim, 1992, Pseudeutropius cf. moolenburghae Weber and Beaufort, 1913 and Dermogenys sumatrana (Bleeker, 1853) are newly recorded species for Thailand. An additional 15 species are new recordings for the Tapi River Basin: Clupeichthys perakensis (Herre, 1936), Sundasalanx praecox Roberts, 1981, Esomus metallicus Ahl, 1924, Oxygaster pointoni (Fowler, 1934) Rasbora daniconius (Hamilton, 1822), Trigonostigma heteromorpha (Dunker, 1904), Mystus castanaeus Ng, 2002, Kryptopterus cf. bicirrhis (Valenciennes, 1839), Micronema cf. apogon (Bleeker, 1851), Phenacostethus cf. smithi Myers, 1928, Aplocheilus panchax (Hamilton, 1822), Indostomus crocodilus Britz and Kottelat, 1999, Nandus nebulosus (Gray, 1835) Brachygobius sebanus Inger, 1958 and Helostoma temmincki Cuvier, 1829.




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LHEKNIM, V. 2004. Annotated Checklist for a Collection of Fishes from Tapi River Basin, south Thailand. Tropical Natural History. 4, 2 (Oct. 2004), 83–98.