A Revision of the Genus Vitex (Lamiaceae) in Thailand

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The genus Vitex L. in Thailand is revised. Sixteen species are enumerated and described; viz. V. canescens, V. cochinchinensis, V. gamosepala, V. glabrata, V. limonifolia, V. longisepala, V. negundo, V. peduncularis, V. pinnata, V. quinata, V. rotundifolia, V. scabra, V. siamica, V. thailandica, V. trifolia and V. vestita. In addition, V. vestita var. siamica and V. vestita f. quinquefoliolata are reduced as synonymies of V. vestita. Two species, V. limonifolia and V. pierrei, are typified. A key to the species, photographs, ecological and distributional information are provided.

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CHANTARANOTHAI, P. (2011). A Revision of the Genus Vitex (Lamiaceae) in Thailand. Tropical Natural History, 11(2), 91-118. Retrieved from https://li01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/tnh/article/view/102997
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