First Record of the Krait Bungarus slowinskii Kuch, Kizirian, Nguyen, Lawson, Donelly and Mebs, 2005 (Squamata: Elapidae) from Thailand


  • Ton Smits Independent Researcher
  • Sjon Hauser Independent Researcher


Bungarus slowinskii, elapids, habitat, northern Thailand, zoogeography


The Red River krait Bungarus slowinskii has hitherto been known only from six localities in northern and central Vietnam and central Laos. In this paper, the first country record of this species is reported for Thailand. One adult specimen was observed and photographed in the evergreen forest in the mountainous Doi Phu Kha National Park, Nan Province, eastern North Thailand. Its morphological characteristics closely matched those in the previous records of B. slowinskii. The new record extends the range of the species about 200 km to the west.


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Smits, T. and Hauser, S. 2019. First Record of the Krait Bungarus slowinskii Kuch, Kizirian, Nguyen, Lawson, Donelly and Mebs, 2005 (Squamata: Elapidae) from Thailand. Tropical Natural History. 19, 2 (Jun. 2019), 43–50.



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