On the Occurrence of Madras Tree Shrew Anathana ellioti (Waterhouse) (Scandentia: Tupaiidae) from Gujarat State, India


  • Kaushal Patel 07, Shiv Shakti Society, Deshra-Bhatha road, Bilimora-396321, Gujarat, INDIA
  • Agneeshwar Vyas North Dang Forest Division, Ahwa, 394710, Gujarat, INDIA
  • Vaibhav Naik Valsad Pardi, Gopi Street, Valsad–396001, INDIA
  • Harshil Patel Department of Biosciences, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat-395007, Gujarat, INDIA




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Patel, K., Vyas, A., Naik, V. and Patel, H. 2020. On the Occurrence of Madras Tree Shrew Anathana ellioti (Waterhouse) (Scandentia: Tupaiidae) from Gujarat State, India. Tropical Natural History. 20, 1 (Mar. 2020), 111–115.



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