A Preliminary Survey of the Freshwater Shrimp Genus Caridina from Eastern Sulawesi, Indonesia


  • Diky Dwiyanto Graduate School of Animal Bioscience, IPB University, Kampus IPB Dramaga, Bogor-16680, West Java, INDONESIA
  • Annawaty Annawaty Department of Biology, Tadulako University, Kampus Bumi Tadulako Tondo, Palu-94119, Central Sulawesi, INDONESIA
  • Achmad Farajallah Department of Biology, IPB University, Kampus IPB Dramaga, Bogor-16680, West Java, INDONESIA
  • Daisy Wowor Division of Zoology, Research Center for Biology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Cibinong-16911, West Java, INDONESIA






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Dwiyanto, D. , Annawaty, A. , Farajallah, A. and Wowor, D. 2021. A Preliminary Survey of the Freshwater Shrimp Genus Caridina from Eastern Sulawesi, Indonesia. Tropical Natural History. 21, 2 (Jul. 2021), 337–342.



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