[Short Note] Range Extension for Limnonectes larvaepartus at the Central Region of Sulawesi, Indonesia


  • Auni Ade Putri Graduate School of Animal Biosciences, IPB University, Kampus IPB Dramaga, Bogor 16680, West Java, INDONESIA
  • Muhamad Sucipto Suharman Zoological Community of Celebes (ZCC), 94118 Jalan Kamboja, Palu, INDONESIA
  • Amir Hamidy Laboratory of Herpetology, Research Center for Biosystematics and Evolution, National Research, and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Widyasatwaloka Building, Jl. Raya Jakarta Bogor Km. 46 Cibinong 16911, INDONESIA


amphibian, distribution, ecology, Lake Poso, Limnonectes larvaepartus




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Putri, A.A., Suharman, M.S. and Hamidy, A. 2023. [Short Note] Range Extension for Limnonectes larvaepartus at the Central Region of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Tropical Natural History. 23, 1 (Nov. 2023), 139–142.



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