The scientific peer review journal began in 2001 with the first name “Natural History Journal of Chulalongkorn University”. During this period it has published many reports on the natural history emphasizing of the fauna and flora of Southeast Asia including plants, animals, micro-organisms and also geological related topics from Volume 1-9 and later the journal name has been changed to “Tropical Natural History” from Volume 10 to the latest Volume 16. Within the sixteen volumes, 32 issues, and two supplements 105 original research articles have been published. A search of the SCOPUS index reveals more than 1,000 citations from the journal. This is an important benchmark that the journal has attained and it reflects a strong research contribution to science. The discussion within the editorial board, including Dr. Harold Voris, Dr. Hidetoshi Ota, Dr. Sergei Golovatch, Dr. Henrik Enghoff and myself, initially selected the new name as “Southeast Asian Natural History”, but subsequentially the name “Tropical Natural History” has been adopted to allow for future contributions on natural history studies from throughout the New and Old World tropics. Volume 10(1) was the official first issue under the new journal name, Tropical Natural History. We are continuing published all articles and notes relating to natural history but now more broadly from all of the tropics. Thus, I am now pleased to invite all researchers and students to send manuscripts regarding their research in the tropics. As one part of the upcoming policy, the printed version and online version will be run in parallel. The journal was officially published 2 issues per volume but in 2022 changed to 1 Volume per year with some special or supplement issues. The current URL of the Journal is www.biology.sc.chula.ac.th/TNH. With these changes, we hope to do our best in elevating the quality of the journal.