The Design of Shoulder Bags from Cattail Weeds, Case Study ofthe Community enterprise, Bang Kaew Sub-District, Ban Laem District, Phetchaburi


  • Sawat Thongsin


Shoulder Bag, Cattail Weeds, Community Enterprict


         The researcher entered the area in LaemPhakBia, Ban Laem, Phetchaburi, andfound that there are a lot of cattail weeds. Surveying and gathering information from the cattail weed handicraftgroupshowed that there were existing wicker products, but a new product with a trademarkwas needs. The researcher had 3 objectives: 1. to study general information onthe problems and the transfer of local knowledge of the site visited, 2. to study the materials and production processes used with the cattail weeds which led to the guidelines model for development, and 3. to develop and design wickerwork products from the cattail weeds in accordance with the needs to the consumers. The group of handicraft weavers found that the community used the cattail weeds to make various products, such as bags, baskets, and house decorations. The wickerwork is extremely important to ensure that local wisdom, handicrafts, and wickerwork will last forever and will be used to develop work pieces along with the process of more efficiently transferring wisdom in the community so as tocontinue in the society. From the above information, a study was conducted of the process of transferring wisdom and handicraftsto consumers by designing and developing 5 kinds of cattail weeds into bag products.

          The results showed that the cattail weed is a natural fiber that is stickywith a smooth skin; the fibers are long and arranged in the same direction. The fibers  are strong formaking wicker products with a good resistance to acidity and alkalinity, and therefore, suitable for shoulder bag products. The analysis of the 50 consumer opinion questionnaires found that the suitability was 1. The design can be produced at the community level on average (x̄ =4.16). The opinions are at a high level 2. The results overall on thedesign showed it was beautifulandappealing to the average viewer (x̄ =3.90). The opinions were at a high level. This research was to develop materials from weeds to create products from local wisdom, resulting in economic development of the community and increasing theincome for thecattail weed handicraftgroup.


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