Internet of Things Application for Smart Farm Management: A Case Study of Nongnumsomwithayakom School, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province


  • Akom Hayeeuma RMUTSB
  • Nuttapong Sanongkhun
  • Jarunee Sanongkhun
  • Daengdesh Naenkieng


The aim of this study was to apply an Internet of Things application to control the watering system of vegetable plots while showing the results via the cloud-based platform NETPIE. In this study, the parameters were air temperature, relative humidity, soil moisture, and rain. Two systems were used depending if the weather was clear or rainy. If the weather was clear, the system turned on the water for each vegetable plot one by one. This was to reduce the cost of using a high-powered water pump. There were three periods of operating the high-powered water pump. In each period, the pump operated for 5-30 minutes. If there was rain 15 minutes before the system was used, or while the machine was being used, and the air had a relative humidity of more than 90 percent, the system was closed using the web application, which was easy to use and control.


The system was tested for 15 days. There were 3 rounds of testing, with each round lasting for 5 days. The result of the study showed that the system accuracy was 93.33%.


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