Increase Profit Organized and Management Smart Broiler Farms by Internet of things (IoT) with Web application on Smartphone A Case Study Broiler Farms in Nakhonratchasima Province

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Patomphong Homsri
Suriyan Srimat


The aim of this study is to reduce animal husbandry responsibilities in smart broiler farms management and to control the environment inside the broiler farms to efficiently increase the profit in the smart broiler farms management by using the IoT system via the Web Application on smartphones. Therefore, working processes are defined into 2 parts in this study. The first part is a web application used for displaying data status, working per written orders and linking to equipment set, which is connected to the internet, through the IoT system so equipment set can run smoothly as assigned. The second part is a hardware controller used for measuring data such as temperature, relative humidity and water pipe pressure.  After that, the equipment set will transfer the data using the IoT system connected to the internet. According to the results of the study, it was found that the weight of chickens in 14 chicken broiler farms with the IoT system was raised up 5,520 kilograms or 12% after installing the system and the equipment set inside these broiler farms. Overall, the profit can be increased to 880,000 baht per broiler farms per year.


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